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Welcome members and guests………….

Failte, and welcome to LochLaven.com. This is a site for the members of the SCA household Loch Laven and its allied houses. In here you will find Information on current members, location of our camp at Pennsic, how to join, links to our affiliate sites and other useful knowledge pertaining to Scotland, the SCA, and Loch Laven.

Through these pages you will be able to get a better understanding of our household and what exactly we are about. There are chat forums to discuss household news or just to keep in touch with your fellow Kinsmen; Also a great place to post blogs as well as finding out dates for up and coming events. Not only can you view current members and read their bios but select members will also have audio and or video bios as well. You can also get our camp location at pennsic through one of the links provided for you on the “Loch Laven’s Links” page.

Get information about how to join the household and become part of the Loch Laven “Clan”. In this area you’ll find helpful step by step instructions as how to submit an “application” for membership, which will be followed by a prompt for a small yearly membership donation that will be used to help keep the site up and running for hopefully many years to come..

There will also be tons of information on the motherland “Bonnie Scotland”. Beautiful pictures of landscape set to traditional music. If you have any further inquiries about the site or its affiliates please contact us at householdinfo@LochLaven.com.

Thank you for visiting us and be sure to leave us some comments about what you thought about the site. Cheers and good health to you!

Yours Aye,

Colin MacLaren
"Creag An Tuirc"

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